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Question   Keep spreading beauty of the earth
Each of your images have soul and speak to the viewers You have the talent to see beauty of different elements and freeze the moment in your camera Going through your gallery is a joyous & deeply satisfying experience .wish I could capture the world around me as beautifully as you do . I just wish you keep doing the excellent work Hope to meet you when you are in Bangalore Regards Nandeesh Mob-9880865285 Note : can i suggest fellow kannadiga sudhir shivram , pls.see his galleries also in the net

- Nandeesh Goni December 19, 2021

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Question   Accolades
Just wanted to say 'AMAZING' photos Ravi and thanks for sharing and pointing me here. Some of your photos catch my breath (like the hawk looking right into my eyes) and some make me smile (like the two little curious squirrels). And since I'm a birder I loved all the photos of the birds! You have a talent that needs to be shared with the world. Can I share the site with others? Keep clicking my friend. Wonderful!

- Chôshin Blackurn December 30, 2017

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